Purpose of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center

The motto of the National Jewish Health is "None may enter who can pay - none can pay who enter". This motto was coined by the first patient to the institute in 1899 and clearly signifies that charitable service that the institution offers to its patients from any walk of life and religion.

Today, the National Jewish Health still treats people with the same compassion. The dedicated staff and faculty of National Jewish Health believe that the relationship between a doctor and patient is a personal one. It is one of patience, love, kindness and understanding.

The uniqueness of the staff at National Jewish Health is that they sit with the patient for long periods to understand, monitor and make the patients feel comfortable. Perhaps the biggest success of National Jewish Health has been educating people (patients, professional and even public) about the diseases a person is suffering from.

They believe that when a person is aware of what he / she is suffering from, it makes them understand, cooperate and respond to the treatment better. The National Jewish Health has focused on children greatly and even come up with an innovative way of enabling a chronic illness ridden child, a normal life of free education.

The National Jewish Health is committed to discovering, studying, treating and even eradicating the causes of disease in the field of medicine through research. It incorporates unique programs whereby these findings are blended into the treatment of the patients. These programs not only focus on curing the patient but rehabilitation and education on preventive mechanisms.

The National Jewish Health uses advanced technologies to come up with solutions that can cure many diseases. It also continuously improves the knowledge of its own staff by continuously educating them on the same. They even educate other physicians as a belief that these solutions are meant to be shared so as to benefit one and all.


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