National Jewish Medical and Research Center

National Jewish Medical and Research Center now known as National Jewish Health is a non-profit research institute, that has been providing its research and services in the field of respiratory disorders, cardiac disorders and immunity related disorders to every person in need. It is located in Denver, Colorado.

The dedicated staff and faculty at National Jewish Health believe in personal attention, focus, care and patience. It is with these qualities that they attend to each and every person who comes to them for a healthcare solution. This is the philosophy that the National Jewish Health has worked with and continues to do the same.

National Jewish Health is committed to changing the approach towards medicine from reactive to proactive. It has achieved this by expanding its services to various other areas in the medical field by providing advanced top-rated programs that address health as a whole. This is probably one of the reasons that set it apart from the rest.

Since National Jewish Health is a research oriented institute, it comes up with unique programs that can integrate path-breaking research findings and treatment. This is a huge benefit to the patients. Its interactive programs dedicated to bring reduction in smoking, those focused on losing weight and pediatric education of chronic illness patients are some of the well-known programs. Through these programs, a patient can get health care solutions over the phone or the internet.

National Jewish Health continues to contribute heavily towards charity. There are several programs whereby it provides various services to the needy, free of cost. Most of the money that is collected through donations in the institute is used for these charity oriented services.

Today, National Jewish Health is considered to be one of the leading medical and research institutes in the United States. With the help of advanced technology and medical progress, the services of the National Jewish Health do not pertain to the United States alone but also to many countries around the world.


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